Tussauds’ Hall of Horrors

Tussauds’ Hall of Horrors

Doppelgängers & Doubles

Growing up in Southern California, my family occasionally visited Hollywood (I don’t recommend it!) and its surrounding chaos. As a kid I had always wanted to visit the Madame Tussauds, but never ended up going (it’s expensive and not that amazing). However, the idea of creating exact, or at least close to exact replicas of celebrities for the public to see always intrigued me. You’ll probably never meet your idol, but you can pose with a wax doll of them for only $30.95!

These wax figurines are skillfully made to accurately represent an exact replica of the celebrity of choice. They are created with up to 200 measurements from the celebrity themselves and photographs. The sculptures themselves are made of clay covered with wax with oil paints. In the end, it is almost always an exact double of the celebrity for the public to enjoy.

Video of How Figures are Created

This collection of body doubles of famous people almost becomes uncanny, but often times not to the viewer. As I am not a celebrity I cannot give a personal insight, but I can imagine how creepy it might be to have an exact replica of your face and body. A replica put on display for thousands of people whom they will most likely never meet to pose with and gaze at. The knowledge that this replica is out in the world in existence for other’s pleasure seems quite haunting to me.

Next time you wander the halls of such a place like Madame Tussauds, or even a museum think about how these figures were created. Would you be comfortable becoming a public attraction?


Photo by Chris Barbalis on Unsplash

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